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Wednesday, 20.02.2019

International Student Office

The International Student Office of Giresun University was established on April 13, 2012 to support and guide the international students receiving education at the associate and undergraduate degree programmes of the university and those potential students intending to apply to the associate and undergraduate degree programmes of Giresun University.  



The primary objective of the International Student Office is to ensure that the international students receiving education in Giresun University experience a cheerful education period and support those potential students intending to receive education in Giresun University during the application process. We also aim to ensure that students receiving education in our university return to their countries bearing joyful memories and draw increased numbers of international students to our university by organizing social activities.

  • Informing incoming international students via the web-page of Giresun University,
  • Preparing and distributing brochures and leaflets including useful information for international students,
  • Informing international students about accommodation, health services, cultural events, and etc.,
  • Preparing and organizing orientation programme for international students newly-enrolled to the university,
  • Guiding international students during their first application process for the education residence permit,
  • Determining the days that are meaningful for international students and organizing activities on those days,
  • Supporting international students in producing solutions that are in accordance with their needs and wishes,
  • Preparing and organizing social activities to promote the Turkish culture and to create a love of Turkey,
  • Supporting international students with the staff responsible for international students in each faculty, enstitute and graduate school,
  • Forming an International Students Society in order to facilitate the communication among international students.

Detailed information regarding the application process can be attained from Giresun University Circular for Acceptance of International Students.

 Please click here for the Circular!