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Tuesday, 19.02.2019
02.10.18 | 14:21 Age: 140 Day




Flash_button_20.gif2018 - GULÖS placement results and acceptance letter <<<  click >>>Flash_button_21.gif

 Note: You can access your documents by e-mail and passport/ID number registered in the preferred Application System.



o Giresun University acceptance letter,,( <<< click >>>)


o high school diploma and high school diploma that is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma, to be obtained from the Turkish Embassy or consulate in their country “equivalency certificate”,


o " certified by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in a foreign country (except KKTC) for the last three years of high school education of those with Dual nationality (TC and others)."


o it will be used for the application of “test result (YÖS, SAT 1, GCE, ACT, TAWJIHI etc.)) original or certified copy”,(for GULÖS-2018 exam result document <<< click here >>>)


o photocopy of the official identity card or passport ID page approved by the Turkish Embassy or consulate in your country,


o  ”Bank receipt” indicating that tuition fee has been paid (you will be credited to the related bank account after the registration is completed/announcements - tuition fee Table),


o “Education visa " to be obtained from the Turkish Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in those countries”,


o original Foreign Language – Turkish proficiency Certificate approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in their countries,


o 12 photographs of 4,5x6,0 cm in size (photographs should be taken from the front in the last 6 months in order to easily identify the candidate.)




 03-04-05 September 2018 / 10:00

(Those who do not have a tömer certificate must attend.)


04 September 2018 / 10:00

(Special skill requirements are required for students admitted to the departments are compulsory)


GRU Tömer (Turkish proficiency exam)

Special Exam


03 – 14 September 2018

Registration Date


1 - documents required for registration must be submitted in full and on time.

2-If the information and documents you have released during the registration or after the registration are incorrect, your acceptance letters and registration transactions will be cancelled.

3-pre-registration will be completed in the International Student Office and final registration will be completed under the chairmanship of the Department of student affairs.