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Friday, 20.07.2018
07.12.17 | 09:06 Age: 225 Day




Interest 1 : The Council of higher education dated 28.11.2017 95916564-720-E. 81898 numbered post

Interest 2 : 21.11.2017 dated 32834557-105 of the Yunus Emre Institute.01-2017/No. 17838 E. post.

Article 2 registered in the Interest received from the Yunus Emre Institute, Yunus Emre Foundation Law No. 5663 3. According to the article, to be held outside of Turkey, the Turkish language training, examination and certification it is stated that the realization of the activities stipulated by the Yunus Emre Foundation.

Continuing in the article, three times in the year of the Yunus Emre Institute Turkish proficiency exam will be held in Ankara and in the country where the next examination date of 13 January 2017 4 December 2017 are specified and the deadline of the application is to be made - as it is reported that on 29 December 2017 are determined.

The exam takes place in two sessions;

1. session : Reading (60 min.), Listening (45 min.) and writing sections (60 min.),

2. session : Speech (5 min.) (Independent Speech(10 min.) and conversation(15 min.)),

to all on the exam lasts 180 minutes.

The successful candidates in the examination B2, C1, C2 levels are awarded the certificate of proficiency in Turkish.

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