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Wednesday, 20.02.2019
About Giresun


Giresun is located in the northern part of Turkey on the Ankara - Trabzon highway with an area of 6934 km2. Hosting all the tones of green and blue, it is like a paradise. The city is founded on the peninsula between Aksu and Batlama Valleys. The Giresun Island (Aretias), which is the only island of the Black Sea, stands like the shadow of the city in front of the peninsula. Giresun is like a museum with its sylvan tablelands, natural beaches, shore of 122 km and historical monuments. Giresun is also a part of The Eastern Black-Sea Region which is one of the rainiest areas of Turkey.



The city is one of the prominent areas of the country in terms of eco-tourism and table-land tourism.


Giresun Island, Giresun Castle, Zeytinlik District, Gogora Church, Katolik Church, Seyyid Vakkas Tomb, the gate of Millet Garden, the building and gate of Commercial High School, Kufa Well, Şiş Mosque, Kale Mosque, Kapu Mosque are the primary historical monuments in Giresun.



Gedik Cavern, Şahin Cavern, Gölyanı Tent, Tepesidelik Sink, Sis Mountain, Black Lakes, Kümbet Tableland, Bektaş Tableland, Kulakkaya Tableland are the primary natural beauties in Giresun. The city is famous for her tableland festivals organized annually.


The vast majority of Giresun's population is loyal to old customs and traditions. The 14th of March is celebrated as the beginning of New Year. The 6th of May is celebrated as the coming of summer and wishes are hanged on rose trees. International Black Sea-Giresun Aksu Festival is celebrated on the 20th of May hosting activities of mythological background.


People in the region are lively and enthusiastic as is the Black Sea which reaches along the city of Giresun. The folklore and folklore songs of the region are also as such accordingly.

The most important handcrafts of Giresun are coppersmith, hand-made rugs, inlacing.

There are a large variety of local dishes cooked with fresh, natural and different vegetables and herbs.